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What shall we pay attention to during use

(1).Read the battery use manual carefully and use the recommended battery;

(2).Check the touch parts of electrical appliance and battery and affirm that they are clean; use a wet cloth to wipe up if need, and enclose battery after it is dry; do not put in backwards and charge.

(3).Charge before the first time of use the battery, avoid charging and discharging the battery with current max than indicated on the specification.

(4). The battery shall be kept in a place that baby can’t touch them, if swallow inadvertently,must take the baby to the hospital to see the doctor immediately.

(5).Don’t mix to use new and old battery, and don’t mix to use different types battery;

(6).Prevent shorting circuit the battery,for fear cause nonreversible damage on battery.

(7).Don’t disassembly the battery or burn the battery.

(8).Don’t solder the battery directly.

(9).Misuse the battery,such as extremity high temperature,deep cycle,over charge,over discharge, it will decrease the battery cycle life.

(10). Please cut the switch off when stop to use the electrical appliance;

(11). Battery shall be stored in shade,discharge the battery before assembly the battery or transportation.

(12).Battery shall be taken out if the electrical appliance will not use for a long time;

(13).For battery or battery pack stored more then 1 year,charge at least once every three month to prevent deterioration in performance due to self-discharging.

(14).Battery with plastic case should keep aeration,or else the battery would explode if the gas (oxygen ,hydride) inside the battery barge up against the fire(such as spark from the motor,switch and so on).We strongly suggest not to put the battery into the sealed case.

(15).Pay attention to the polarity of the battery pack when make connection.

(16).The battery pack should use within the temperature range indicated on the specification.

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